Bursmac Realty was established in March 2020 by principal sales agent Chris Bursey. Since starting his Real Estate career in 1994, Chris has gained 25 years of experience, not only as a Real Estate Agent but also as an award-winning business owner, having achieved accolades as one of the top 10 WA Real Estate agencies and Principal Agents in WA since 2000. Now, as the director and principal agent of his own agency, Bursmac Realty, Chris is passionate about combining his years of experience with a successful franchise agency and his business knowledge to create an agency that can provide a bespoke experience for buyers, sellers and renters alike.

At Bursmac Realty, we pride ourselves on our experience and our ability to listen. Our small team is made up of qualified and highly experienced Property Managers and Sales Representatives, and combined we have over 100 years of industry experience. Despite this, we don’t settle where we are and are committed to upskilling, attending several courses as a team to stay up to date with industry trends. Our experience combined with continued learning means our team can cover all bases and provide a highly unique service to our clients. It’s not often you will come across a team that has our level of experience but is also willing to continue to learn and grow.